Introducing Dynamic New Client Service Associates

Introducing Dynamic New Client Service Associates

January 11, 2023

Amidst strategic growth and development across the firm, RiversEdge proudly announces the addition of Kelly Darby and Greg Johnson to its Client Service Team.

At the heart of all RiversEdge Advisors relationships is the charge to ensure clients feel knowledgeable and secure as they follow their respective financial journey. At RiversEdge, trust is built through long-term relationships and effort, with many checkpoints along the way. Like any successful relationship, communication is key. RiversEdge connects and communicates with clients as we guide them through life's myriad challenges, maximizing opportunities along the way.

Kelly Darby possesses a remarkable ability to quickly strike a chord, understanding when and how clients prefer to communicate. She has 10 years of experience working with some of the largest financial organizations, earning private client responsibilities. Kelly is passionate about the details, giving clients confidence and comfort throughout the often-complicated journey.

Greg Johnson employs nine years of industry experience. He brings distinctive capability to the RiversEdge Client Service Team, possessing his CFA and CFP certifications. Greg's education and experience enable him to see client relationships in particular detail. His perspective allows for quick and accurate choreography of resources and recommendations in complex client relationships.

"RiversEdge is experiencing remarkable growth across the enterprise," CEO Brian Carney reports. "This is by design, and the addition of leading talents like Greg and Kelly, who mesh incredibly well with our mission and culture, will only serve to reinforce and strengthen our unparalleled client experience."

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