RiversEdge Advisors Adds Key Partners

RiversEdge Advisors Adds Key Partners

June 15, 2022

WILMINGTON, Del.Jan. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- RiversEdge Advisors is proud to announce the addition of partners, Tim Mihok and Michael Derins to the organization.

For more than a decade, Tim Mihok and Michael Derins were partners at The Archer Group, a leading digital agency headquartered in Wilmington, DE. Archer enjoyed long-term relationships with celebrated brands spanning numerous business and consumer verticals. It's the long-term partnerships with some of the largest and most respected financial service firms in the world that made Archer truly special. Archer was charged with mission-critical aspects of the digital customer experience, from education and acquisitions to servicing, analytics, and optimization. Its people, processes, and solutions were specifically formulated to address the unique requirements - regulatory, security, and otherwise, that financial services firms are subject to. Archer was successful in making sophisticated financial products understandable and accessible… And often even cool. Archer was acquired in 2020 by Bounteous, Inc.

CEO, Brian Carney "A true concierge experience is at the core of RiversEdge Advisors strategy – this means human connection first and foremost. Clients are growing ever more sophisticated, and time constrained, and it's crucial that we invest in technology to ensure they have access to the best tools and information. This means whatever they need, whenever and wherever they need it, in an easy to digest, intelligible fashion."

Brian continued, "it's essential to secure the best minds to achieve our goals. As CFO, Tim is charged with ensuring our operation, in numerous dimensions, is primed for continued growth and expansion. Tim will also be very influential in the Business Planning practice. Michael and I will be working closely together to shape the client experience as well as evolve strategic service areas, including our high net worth practice where a large portion of our clients exist. Together, their experience will be invaluable to both RiversEdge as well as our many business advisory clients." Brian concludes, "My relationships with Tim and Michael began as RiversEdge clients, grew as friendships, and are now flourishing as partners. We believe deeply in each other as individuals and professionals, and in the potential of RiversEdge."

About RiversEdge Advisors

RiversEdge Advisors is an independent, award-winning Investment advisory firm founded in Wilmington, DE in 2013. RiversEdge serves high-net-worth individuals and families seeking to maximize financial security and understanding. RiversEdge also provides a full suite of business advisory and planning solutions across insurance, retirement, and investment, including ongoing servicing and education. All solutions are delivered through customized, time tested, strategies on a national scale.

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