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Are you tired of being held back by the increasing complexity and time required to operate your business? Do your capabilities – products, services, tools, security – lag the best of breed? Are you tired of being an army of one (or a few)? At RiversEdge Advisors, we understand your challenges and have the structure and know how to achieve success without compromising your client first values.

We've walked in your shoes. We started at an insurance broker dealer, moved to an independent broker-dealer, and eventually became a leading RIA. This diverse background allows us to intimately understand the challenges and opportunities that smaller financial advisors face.

Many advisors have an epiphany when they realize that their current firm is hindering their growth and quality of life instead of supporting it. If you find yourself in this position, we can guide you towards the balance and outcomes you've always envisioned. We'll help you navigate the complex decisions that lie ahead and ensure your, and your clients’, success every step of the way.

The sheer number of decisions involved in building and operating your firm can be overwhelming. Should you create your own RIA or join a broker-dealer with an RIA arm? Who should you hire to set up your RIA? Which custodian is the best fit for your needs? What should your tech stack include? And what about compliance? We've been there and have made our fair share of mistakes. But those mistakes have taught us invaluable lessons, and we've spent years researching and refining our approach. By joining RiversEdge Advisors, you can save yourself the pain and uncertainty of trial and error. We'll provide you with the guidance, resources, and experience you need to make informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls.

Your time is precious, and your clients deserve the best. By partnering with RiversEdge you can focus on what you do best—serving your clients.

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